Monday, January 24, 2011

Cars 2

Fasten your seat belt kids! Cars 2 is racing into theaters this year as Lightning McQueen goes on an international adventure to race the fastest cars alive. Who else could take on this kind of adventure with Lightning McQueen other than Mater himself? Mater is going to be taking on a spy profile in Europe and Asia. Pixar is taking a huge risk jumping into this movie with Mater being a spy and Lightning McQueen going off on his own again to win the race.

The Bear And The Bow

Pixar is claiming to have another fairy tale hit theaters this Christmas. Filmmaker Brenda Chapman has begun animating Pixar’s action-adventure “The Bear And The Bow.” Chapman was the writer of Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Cars. Chapman’s movies have been a huge success in the animation world and will be a great story for children all around the world. Her movie Lion King was probably the greatest movie Pixar has made; The Bear And The Bow could be the animation of the century.

Merida (daughter), who has a life of royalty, has made a turn in her path to become the greatest archer in Scotland. This will bring many clashes in the family which makes her choose a life of chaos which unleashes a peril over her father’s kingdom. She now has to fight the forces of nature, magic, and darkness to set things right again. I have always wanted to see another Robin Hood kind of movie sequel from Pixar. Pixar has not made one of these in a long time but has tried to relive this kind of adventure (Shrek).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The World Of Animation

As your typical child I watched television 24/7. When I was young I woke up to Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto to teach me right from wrong. As I grew older my mind started getting preoccupied by Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, I brought every card there was ever made of those two collections. By the age of fourteen I started reading Japanese comic books and watching animated movies. My seven year old brother kept the child within me alive this long, even through college.

Cartoons have been a way for me to leave this world of chaos due to religion and go deep into a peaceful state of mind. Hinduism has always confused me due to the lack of understanding and the massive amounts of sins there are. So sitting in front of a 48 inch television and burning out my eye sight was the only way I would get out of trouble and let the child within fly. I soon learned of the insights of animating and movies through the studies in high school video classes. I started to study the different views and characters in every animated show I watched, from SpongeBob to the movie Tangled.

I found my passion for the animation world even through so many years of study. I watch animated movies at least twice a week; you could say my life revolves around it. The spark within me has ignited a fire large enough for the love of cartoons. I doubt there is anything that could wipe out the fire now.

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