Sunday, January 23, 2011

The World Of Animation

As your typical child I watched television 24/7. When I was young I woke up to Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto to teach me right from wrong. As I grew older my mind started getting preoccupied by Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, I brought every card there was ever made of those two collections. By the age of fourteen I started reading Japanese comic books and watching animated movies. My seven year old brother kept the child within me alive this long, even through college.

Cartoons have been a way for me to leave this world of chaos due to religion and go deep into a peaceful state of mind. Hinduism has always confused me due to the lack of understanding and the massive amounts of sins there are. So sitting in front of a 48 inch television and burning out my eye sight was the only way I would get out of trouble and let the child within fly. I soon learned of the insights of animating and movies through the studies in high school video classes. I started to study the different views and characters in every animated show I watched, from SpongeBob to the movie Tangled.

I found my passion for the animation world even through so many years of study. I watch animated movies at least twice a week; you could say my life revolves around it. The spark within me has ignited a fire large enough for the love of cartoons. I doubt there is anything that could wipe out the fire now.

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